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Stand-up comedy war heightens


Local comedians Edgar Langeveldt and Carl Joshua Ncube are embroiled in a war of words attacking each other at every chance they get.

The fiasco started with Ncube lashing out at his counterpart publicly after a performance at Bang Bang Comedy.

Langeveldt, however, hit back calling Ncube a bully who wants to exploit young talent.

Langeveldt is said to have attacked young comedians at the Bang Bang Comedy Night in Newlands, including Ncube calling him “a shameless promoter” before getting on stage.

Ncube remained calm and later vented out his anger via his Facebook page where he wrote: “Went into comedy because of legends like Edgar Langeveldt back in the days, but I just can’t be silent about my disappointment, my brother! At least I still have Michael Kudakwashe to look up to.”

On another post Ncube said: “I understand a regular Zimbo being disruptive at a comedy show, but I didn’t expect this from Edgar. Seriously though, disrupting every young comic on stage is just not acceptable. I am so annoyed!”

Last week Langeveldt, who is often dubbed the “Godfather” of stand-up comedy, said Ncube was a shameless self-promoter.

“Carl (Ncube) is a shameless self-promoter, who went to South Africa claiming that my career was over, so he could take the crown for himself.

“He realised that his career at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) was over and now wants to come with his marketing and 3D rubbish, so that he can rip off the young talent,” he said.
He vowed never to share the stage with Ncube again.

“I will never share stage with him. If he comes to Bang Bang, Chimanimani Arts Festival or Simuka Comedy, I will pull out of the show.

“Even the upcoming comedians have realised how bad he is that is why they have left him on the Simuka Comedy national tour which I will also be on,” said Langavelt.

Victor Mpofu, aka Doc Vikela, producer of Simuka Comedy, however, said they were yet to come up with a list of performers for the tour.

“We do not care about their beef. Carl is our brother and advisor while Edgar is the ‘Godfather’, so we do not take sides,” said Doc Vikela.

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