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Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe video on cards


Upcoming Afro-jazz musician Dereck Mpofu said his love for the country had inspired him to pen the popular hit-song Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe.

Mpofu, who was recently named as the Goodwill Ambassador for Water Conservation and Zero Litter Campaign at its launch in Budiriro recently, said work was in progress for the accompanying video to Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe.

“Work is already in progress for the accompanying video to Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe, where I am liaising with the Environmental Management Agency to assist,” Mpofu said.

Mpofu’s song has proved popular with all radio stations, judging by the amount of airplay it is receiving at the moment.

“The love of my nation which I equated with women, motivated me to pen this song. Zimbabwe is endowed with various natural and man-made wonders that we should be proud of despite the setbacks we may face as a nation,” he said.

What makes Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe special is the fact that the young musician features the experienced versatile guitarist Clive Mono Mukundu, who perhaps, has seen it all in jazz circles.

“Honestly speaking I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting so far considering the fact that I am just entering the music industry with only two albums to my name,” Mpofu said.

A full-time sound-engineer with Monolio Studios, Mpofu said his love for social commentary started during his school days.

Most of his songs dwelt on social issues affecting society such as children and women abuse, human rights, equality and HIV and Aids.

Mpofu released his debut album Handizirini in 2008 followed by the current offering Dr Philosophy an eight-track album loaded with appealing songs proving he can hold his own.

The album Dr Philosophy has such songs as Kutsvuka (at the heart), Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe, Gamba, Let Africa speak, One peoples (no zhing), Don’t Hate the Player, Maruva and Smile Song.

Mpofu is still working with session musicians, although he was in the process of putting together a band with the intention of rolling out live shows.

In the jazz circles, Mpofu will have to contend with the country’s great names in music such as superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Victor Kunonga, Bob “Headmaster” Nyabinde and Mukundu, among others.

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