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Nail art reaches heights of popularity


Although nail art has always been popular worldwide, it looks like this time around it has reached the height of its popularity, as nail technicians and the number of decorated nails have tremendously increased.

This has certainly shown the keenness for a lot of women to change their appearances just for the mere feeling of pleasure and contentment with their outward appearance.

There are several kinds of nail art ranging from the simplest to the most complex random patterns, animal prints, glitter sprinkles, trendy label signs, television character themes and even studs and loops.

After a decade of nail designing experience, Harare-based beautician and nail technician Trish Shava from Zahara Hair Studio, said that although nail art has been around for a while, the designs still continue to change, so there is always something new to try on all kinds of nails including the real ones, gel nails, acrylic nails and even glass nails.

Long ago it was for the upmarket people of the society, but now it has become so popular and an essential element to all kinds of women and not connected to luxury, said Shava. She added that nowadays various types of nail art could be afforded by most women.

They were several types with various price ranges to choose from the basic manicure and deep cleansing being the cheapest, to the simple stick-on nails being the second cheapest going on to the more pricey types like the double tips, glass tips and gel nails.

Although fingernails are the most noticeable areas to art, it can be applied to the toe nails especially in summer when women love to show off their pretty feet in cute sandals.

A lot of people believe that the fake nails weaken the original nail, but that is not true, instead of using acetone liquid to dissolve the fake nails from the nail most women tend to forcefully break the artificial nail off causing their original nails to chip off and weaken.

These nails and art are actually advantageous in the sense that they beautify the hand while letting the real nails grow and they also help people to stop the nail biting habit.

According to Refinery29.com in 1932 the first bottle of Revlon nail polish hit the shelves in enormous colours making fashionable nail options more accessible than ever before.

The revolutionary idea had come from a French make-up artist Michelle Menard who was inspired by automobile paint. In 1934, the dentist Maxwell Lappe created the first set of fake nails for clients who bit their nails and in 1955, another dentist Frederick Slack, who after attempting to mend a broken nail with acrylic, accidentally invented what was called the acrylic sculpting-nail extension.

The 90s brought about traditional colours like reds, nudes, and pinks back en vogue and the 2000s brought about the cool textures, sheens and nail embellishments resulting in designs from ornate to just plain futuristic and in this period there has been an unprecedented level of interest in nail art as well as the nail industry.

My clients have increased since the I started doing the nail art especially on the natural and coloured tips in particular, said Ebony Salon nail specialist, Samantha Muzikani.

Nails have become part of the whole outfit, with adhesives providing a never-before-achieved level of intricacy to manicure designs.

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