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Thumbs up Cde Mutasa over Chipangano thugs


The Mbare-based political terror group’s recent unmasking as a Zanu PF creation brings to an end unnecessary argument over what has always been obvious.

The arrogance with which Zanu PF officials sought to deny an open fact, that the notorious Chipangano group of thugs was not linked to the party, was as shameful as it was irritating.

Countless times when, in the wake of the group’s rogue and violent acts, comment was sought from the likes of Zanu PF provincial leaders Amos Midzi and Jim Kunaka, the two vehemently denied the party’s association with Chipangano or its very existence.

There were incidents such as the assault on the police and at least one MP outside Parliament during the official opening of the House by President Robert Mugabe, perpetrated by the rowdy Chipangano elements, but which the Zanu PF officials claimed ignorance over.

That was despite the fact that victims were perceived anti-Zanu PF people.

There was also the violence that erupted at Mai Musodzi Hall in Mbare during the Copac outreach programme, the disruption of the construction of a service station in Mbare, the crazy demands by Chipangano which resulted in the relocation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation housing project from Mbare to Dzivarasekwa and the invasion of council properties including flea markets and commuter omnibus ranks.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa’s exposure of the group and his strong chastising of Midzi came therefore as a much-needed lift to the spirit — bringing hope the city could at last be rid of this menace.

Mutasa made it clear provincial leaders could not continue to fool the people with lame excuses and barren denials about thugs that were soiling the name of the party. He made it clear too that the party expected an end to the practices of these criminals — that it was an order that the group be disbanded.

Mutasa rebuked Midzi and told him in his face: “We hear that there are some people who are harassing commuters and commuter operators in the name of the party. Cde Midzi, if you tell me that you don’t know that group, I will tell you that you are lying. Instead, I want to know what is not ending it.”

It appears Zanu PF may have at last taken seriously Mugabe’s calls for peaceful campaigning and now realise that indeed, the party can not endear itself with the electorate by beating people. Mutasa said it loud and clear that Chipangano’s nightmarish conduct had cost the party during elections and that the party could not tolerate that anymore.

Although he would not openly admit the publicly known fact that his party had given birth and nurtured this group of criminals, it is quite encouraging that Midzi finally did accept responsibility – albeit a futile attempt to duck the full blame.

His pathetic excuse that “some of them are not under Zanu PF” did not convince anyone.
Said Midzi: “It is true that there are problems with these people, but there are others we don’t know who go about and do bad things and they are labelled Zanu-PF.”

The cat is out of the bag and the ball is squarely in Zanu PF’s court to ensure the group of thugs going by the name Chipangano is disbanded – never to resurface under whatever guise!

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