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Taming Chipangano welcome: Masunda


Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda this week told NewsDay Zanu PF’s decision to tame its suspected Mbare-based terror group Chipangano came about following a meeting with the party political commissar Webster Shamu.

Masunda said he had voiced his concern to Shamu over Chipangano’s terror tactics in the capital.

“I had a fortuitous meeting with Shamu to update him on pertinent developments in the City of Harare with particular reference to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project at Tsiga and the decongestion of the 58 Mbare flats. He in turn briefed his political principals and hence the timely and most welcome intervention of (Zanu PF secretary for administration) Didymus Mutasa who literally read the riot act to Amos Midzi (Zanu PF Harare province chairman), to nip the Chipangano scourge in the bud,” Masunda said.

“As sanity has now been restored, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation team will go back to Mbare to finish the unfinished business. I would like to thank the two ministers for their intervention. Nobody should be allowed to stand in the way of development.”

Although Shamu could not be reached for comment, Midzi confirmed that Mutasa had raised concern over the chaos caused by Chipangano on residents and commuter omnibus operators.

Midzi, however, distanced his party from the shadowy militia outfit.

“He (Mutasa) did not address the issue of Chipangano, but the problem the party faces with commuter omnibus operators. There was an admission that there was chaos and all those who interfere with kombis should be reined in. As far as I understand, this issue of Chipangano is somebody who is trying to link it to that,” Midzi said.

“We recently agreed as chairmen of all political parties in the province that no one owns Chipangano and it was the role of police to act on that.”

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