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'Madzibaba' electrifies Gokwe fans


The cotton growing district of Gokwe reverberated on Sunday night when Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria performed in a packed Puzza Dollar nightclub at Gokwe Centre.

Revellers were kept on their toes when he belted hit after hit from previous albums. The show started at 10pm with his hit song Mabvi naMagokora proving to be the darling of the fans.

Some fans came from as far as Chitekete growth point (120km away from the centre), Nemangwe (90km) and Zhombe (80km) to attend his first show at the Gokwe centre this year. Simbarashe Ushe and Farai Mantshe who came from Gawa some 50km away, said they came that far just to meet their hero.

“We came on Friday to ensure we had the opportunity to see him, as it is our first time to meet Senior Lecturer. I like his music very much. We have only seen him on television, but had never attended his shows here. So we thought since we had harvested our cotton crop and realised some cash, it was wise just to get to attend his show,” Mantshe said.

The Senior Lecturer proved to be an expert when he put up an electrifying performance leaving revellers calling for more. After the show Madzibaba told NewsDay: “Gokwe is my favourite destination and I always play to a full house whenever I come, so I don’t want to disappoint my fans.”

Gokwe fans had an opportunity to sample some songs from his upcoming album, and they asked for encores. Madzibaba only played two songs from his forthcoming album.

“I have not yet named my next album, but I think the title shall be Chivimbiso. It is an advice that a person should not always promise things which he or she cannot fulfill,” Madzibaba said.

Ngosimbi Crew led by Samuel Mabukwa was the supporting act at the show. The group also did their best, playing their old songs like Auntie Rhodah as well as new songs from their latest album Size Yakanaka.

The new album has six songs Nherera, Bhutsu, Haya, Diaspora, Kure kweGava and Pfuma yababa.

Tapfumanei Purumuko, Zakaria’s band manager was a happy man after a “full house” praising the sungura musician’s die-hard followers at the show and describing the revellers as disciplined.

His utterances were echoed by Puzza Dollar nightclub owner Edwinard Mvumi who said: “I host many musicians in this club, but we only have few incidences of indiscipline.”

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