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Guard acquitted of attempted rape


A security guard at Kwekwe Polytechnic College arrested in January this year over allegations of attempting to rape a student has been acquitted after the court ruled that the evidence submitted by the complainant was insufficient to secure a conviction.

Pedzisai Takawira (30) was arrested on January 28 on allegations of attempting to rape Clarity Marume, a student at the college.

Magistrate Letwin Rwodzi castigated Marume saying her evidence was shaky and was not sufficient for a competent and reasonable court to convict the guard.

“The complainant using her mobile phone sent a message to the guard to say ‘thank you’.

“The message was produced in court as evidence after the attempted rape.

“This text message was a show of appreciation to the accused person.

“Thereafter for the complainant to turn around and say she was almost raped by a person she thanked afterwards defies logic,” ruled Rwodzi.

Defence lawyer Valentine Mutatu had earlier submitted at the close of the State’s case that Marume had only reported the attempted rape as a way to try and avoid disciplinary action which she could have faced at the college after being caught in a compromising position with an unidentified person.

The court also noted that Marume had not reported the matter immediately after the incident, choosing to file a formal complaint 24 hours later.

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