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Mother frets over rape case


A Bulawayo woman went beserk in court on Monday and insulted court officials and a church leader accused of raping her 22-year-old daughter after the trial failed to kick off for the second time in a row.

The woman, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of her daughter, went into a frenzy after State counsel Simon Nleya advised her of the postponement of the matter.

In a fit of rage, she hurled insults at court officials, accusing them of mishandling her daughter’s rape case and being sympathetic to the suspect, Pastor Gracious Tapfuma of Kingdom Rollers Ministries.

The woman’s daughter attends the same church.

She later calmed down following the intervention of police officers and left the building in the company of relatives, but vowed she would pursue the matter until justice was done.

Nleya confirmed dealing with the pastor’s matter and said he did not decline to prosecute the matter, but wanted the docket to be properly compiled.

“The facts of the matter don’t disclose what transpired and I only referred the matter to the police so that they conduct further investigations and use the proper language so that we can understand what really happened,” Nleya said.

“As it is, no offence is being disclosed.”

The matter has since been referred back to the police for further investigations.

Tapfuma is being charged with raping the woman’s daughter in January after conducting a prayer session at the complainant’s family home in the city.

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