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Jachi releases debut album


Zimbabwe-born Wayne Jachi has released his debut album titled Rwendo Rwemoyo/My secret journey.

The album is the 30-year-old artist’s first music effort despite having aspired to record for a long time.

A marketing executive in South Africa, Jachi said he always had a passion for music.

“It is a passion that I have always had,” he said.
“I never really had a chance to do it and I made sure I did not give up on the dream as evidenced by the album.”

The eight-track album came with a video for the track Chichi-Chichi — a dedication to his
fiancée Memory with whom he has a child.

The video was produced by another Zimbabwean based in South Africa, Chagwa Black.

“The song is an appreciation for the love that we have shared for the past eight years,” he said.

“Having someone who loves you is one of the greatest gifts that anyone would ever dream of.”
On the third track Pamusoro pezvose, Jachi introduces a poetic discourse which creates a striking fusion.

He showers his lover with praises portraying her as a super being who enables and encourages him to live a productive life.

Jachi encouraged other artists to be resilient if they were to prosper.

“I remember one other day in Glen View when I watched Daiton Somanje play in a near empty bar. There were just less than 10 people and less than half of that number was hardly paying any attention to him,” Jachi said.

“That is the same spirit that I have, even when I am in South Africa. It does not matter whether I am booed off the stage. At the end of the day I will have delivered my message.”

Jachie was born in Zaka, Masvingo, on April 29 1982.

He attended Silveira High School and People’s College before attaining a Diploma in Marketing.
He works for BP Shell South Africa as a marketing officer.

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