AMH Hackathon Prizes

1. Concepts to be explored at the Hackathon:

a. Mobile app to disseminate media content
b. Crowdsourcing app for the newsroom (citizens reporting news, corruption, burst pipes, etc)
c. Compilation of daily commodity prices for informal/formal traders

2. Venue: Harare Club (next to ZIMOCO

3. Date: 26th July 2012

4. Prizes: 2 iPads, 2x Nokia E7 (awaiting confirmation of cash prizes to be confirmed on Monday)

5. Prize: Successful App developer will be introduced to a relevant corporate (depending on which industry) who will supply access to resources and further development.

6. Refreshments and lunch will be served throughout the event.

7. Times 10 am 7pm.

8. Guest speaker at prize giving Ory Okolloh Google Policy Manager.

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