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Man in trouble for assaulting whistleblower


A Chinhoyi magistrate on Tuesday sentenced 27-year-old Phillimon Chijamarima, to an effective four months prison term for severely beating up a whistleblower who had caused his arrest.

Chijamarima of Beatrice Farm in Banket was initially sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment before four months were conditionally set aside.

Prosecutor Morris Mlilo told the court that on July 3, complainant Takesure Bakasa of Beatrice Farm, accompanied a police officer, Constable Dhuvai, tracing footsteps from a theft scene where a poly-plastic tent had been stolen.

The footsteps led to Chijamarima ’s home but he refused to cooperate and chased the two away, the court heard.

The following day, Bakasa went back to Chijamarima’s home where a brawl broke out with the latter demanding that the whistleblower stay out of the case.

Chijamarima then struck Bakasa in the face with a brick and further assaulted him with open hands. Bakasa was rushed to Banket Hospital for treatment.

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