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Kaseke blasts abuse of Indigenisation Act


Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke has attacked the controversial implementation of the Indigenisation Act, saying there is wide abuse of the empowerment drive by Zanu PF stalwarts.

Kaseke made the remarks in Mutare at the official opening ceremony of the ZTA eastern region branch held at a local hotel on Wednesday.

The ZTA boss said those “with and without” political power are in the name of Zanu PF forcefully taking away people’s property without following the proper procedures stipulated in the Act.

His remarks came at a time when Indegenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere has upped his game to take over privately-owned schools and foreign-owned banks, fiercely clashing with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono.

He said systematic grabbing of people’s property was not welcome in the tourism sector.

“Indigenisation in as far as I understand it, one must acquire shares from the owner. I chased away those who tried to invade Lake Chivero in the name of Zanu PF early this year and they asked me about my political standing.

“In Masvingo it happened again. We don’t want that type of behaviour. If you want shares why don’t you follow the law? If we do it our own way we will be chasing away investors and it will take a long time to regain them,” said Kaseke.

Kaseke said at times, he was forced to use his political muscle to stop the madness of overzealous grabbers who try to seize properties in the name of Zanu PF, adding that invaders should not be celebrated in this country.

Commenting on troubled Air Zimbabwe, Kaseke said the problem with the national airline is that it got complacent when there was no competitor.

He said the state of affairs at Air Zimbabwe is not conducive for a vibrant tourism industry and that investors should be brought in as soon as possible.

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