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Mpofu takes dig at Khayisa Ndiweni


Zanu PF politburo member and Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu has accused the late Ndebele Paramount Chief Khayisa Ndiweni of influencing his subjects in Ntabazinduna to vote against Zanu PF.

Ntabazinduna falls under Mpofu’s Umguza parliamentary constituency.

Chief Ndiweni, who once served as the country’s acting president for 13 days when then ceremonial president Canaan Banana was out of the country, died in his sleep in August 2010 at the age of 97.

He was given a State-assisted funeral after government rejected calls for him to be declared national hero.

Giving his welcome remarks to Acting President Joice Mujuru at a field day at David Nkomazana’s home in Umguza’s Ward 10, Mpofu said the people of Ntabazinduna had apologised for not voting for Zanu PF in the previous elections.

“Ward 10 of Umguza is 100 % Zanu PF. In the last elections MDC got only one vote and we know where that vote came from the school,” he said.

“That person has since apologised.

“You are at home here even if you ask the children they know our slogans,” the minister added, pledging to provide Ward 10 with bulls to improve the villagers’ quality of livestock.

“We have 19 wards and they are all Zanu PF, save for Ntabazinduna where Chief Ndiweni told them what to do, it won’t happen again because Ndiweni is no longer there.

“We went there in the past weeks and the people apologised saying they won’t do it again.”

He assured Mujuru that the constituency was already in the bag for Zanu PF’s saying he wanted to contest with presidents of other parties and not their “lilliputs” as he wanted to show them how it feels to lose.

“People say elections have been delayed when they have not prepared even their wives and children,” Mpofu said.

“Here we can easily mobilise 20 000 people in less than three days. We will in future invite you to a meeting that will mesmerise you. The people are eager to meet you and express their gratitude for receiving farming land,” he said to Mujuru.

Speaking at the same occasion, Mujuru urged parliamentarians from the party to keep in touch with their constituents.

“If a leader wins they should go back to the people.
“Some are missing persons (MPs) in their constituencies,” she said.

“We are at Parliament because we were voted for by the people.

“The other problem is that you people voted them because they paid you for them to be candidates in the primaries.

“You voted them to be MPs because they paid you so when you confront them on why they are not visiting the constituency they will tell you to leave them alone because they paid you.”

Mujuru said the party would not allow “desktop reports” at its next conference “because we want reports that quote the people on the ground”.

Mujuru said Zanu PF was a people-oriented party that did not preach poverty or theft, adding “if you see them stealing then it is their family thing and not our party doctrine”.

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