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Man (34) jailed 27 years for raping niece (14)


Harare regional magistrate Simon Rodgers Kachambwa yesterday slapped a Waterfalls man, Chrispen Muswera (34), with a 27-year jail term after convicting him of sexually attacking his 14-year-old niece three times.

The magistrate described Muswera’s character as not different from that of a “rabid animal”.

Muswera will however serve an effective 20-year prison term after seven were suspended on condition he does not commit any offence of a sexual nature within a five-year period after release from prison.

Justifying the sentence, Kachambwa said: “There is no doubt accused (Muswera) caused complainant trauma and intended to destroy her future. There is no doubt accused behaved like a rabid animal and should not be entrusted with custody of minor children.

“Again it was unprotected sex. There is need to remove him from society for a considerable period and he should learn to control his lust.”

Before the magistrate jailed Muswera, prosecutor Purity Chikangaise had urged the court to consider a lengthy custodial sentence arguing he had destroyed the future of the minor.

The court heard that Muswera started his sexual escapades on his niece early this year on a date unknown to the State.

On two occasions during the absence of his wife, Muswera is said to have called the girl into his bedroom where he ordered her to undress before sexually ravaging her. But on June 12 this year, Muswera’s luck ran out after the girl was chastised by her aunt, Muswera’s wife, for failing to give a satisfactory answer on why she was locked up in the house with her uncle.

After being quizzed further, the girl revealed that Muswera had been sexually abusing her but was afraid to spill the beans.

The confession by the girl eventually led to Muswera’s arrest.

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