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Puma on alliance talks


The Patriotic Union of Matabeleland (Puma) yesterday dismissed reports that it wants to form a coalition with Zapu, saying it was only interested in sharing ideas.

Puma was responding to a statement by Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa dismissing media reports alleging his party had joined forces with opposition parties seeking a united front ahead of the forthcoming elections.

“The statement that an alliance was formed under the banner of Puma gives an impression that Puma wants to dissolve political parties such as Zapu into itself,” Puma spokesperson Bhekinkosi Mdlongwa told NewsDay. “This is, however, false. Zapu is a national party that is very different from us. We are, in fact, a regional party and on this very basis we cannot swallow a national party into our structures. We have not come into such an alliance with Zapu, what we are actually doing is sharing ideas with them.”

Mdlongwa said Puma was only interested in sharing ideas not forming election alliances.

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