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Naked Roki scares girls off jacuzzi


Roki scared Junia and Maneta with his “Adam suit” while in the jacuzzi as he joined them for an evening dip.

Roki got a little too carried away in the jacuzzi on Monday evening, after accepting an invitation extended by Junia and Maneta to join them.

The Zimbabwean Starmate decided to take his boxers off and enjoy the warm jacuzzi in the nude, leaving Maneta and Junia dumbfounded.

The girls protested loudly, but then both went on to feel Roki’s privates, before swiftly quitting the game.

Junia told Maneta: “A hungry man is a hungry man and a hungry man is a dangerous man,” and the girls jumped out of the jacuzzi, leaving a naked Roki to entertain himself.

It seems the girls got more than what they had bargained for after they had eagerly sought male company in the Jacuzzi.

When they got into the jacuzzi, they got an idea of being joined by the boys.

They started by calling Keagan who looked uninterested and therefore ignored them.

Later Maneta went up to Prezzo, who just mentioned the name “Goldie” and Maneta disappeared.

She then went and asked Keitta to do it for her as a brother, but he too was not in the jacuzzi mood.

Keitta calmed Maneta down and told her that he had to go and change clothes first and would later join her.
After seeing that the girls were yearning for company, Roki decided to go and help them out.

He put off his clothes and entered the jacuzzi in boxers.

He joined Junia as Maneta was out waiting for Keitta to come back.

A couple of minutes after seeing that Keitta was not coming Maneta went and joined Roki and Junia.

They tried to have some good time though Maneta looked somewhat bored until Roki removed his underpants and they jumped out.

When the girls got out of the water, they directly went inside to look for Keitta.

Lucky enough, they found him lying on the bed and they started disturbing him with Maneta moving her hands around his groin.

This didn’t please the Ghanian and therefore he begged the girls to leave him alone, but to no avail.
They brought the flat iron box which had some water in it and playfully poured water on his bed.

Keitta got irritated and sprang up and moved from one corner to another wondering what to do with Maneta, but the guys advised him to chill.

It seems Keitta’s reason for nominating Maneta for possible eviction might be genuine.
This is because however much he tries to tell her to get out of his way and Mildred, Maneta will not understand.
Last week Maneta was throwing herself on Keitta when she was drunk though he was more than a gentleman and resisted the temptations.

Keitta had to call Maneta and explain to her how much he valued his relationship with Mildred and couldn’t do anything stupid in front of the ever-watching Big Brother cameras.

Though Keitta took his time to explain everything to her, it looked like his words were hitting solid rock.
During this week’s nomination session, Keitta put up Maneta for possible eviction giving as a reason she had failed to understand him.

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