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Guards bash student


CHINHOYI — Three security guards at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) allegedly beat up a female student leader after she tried to intervene in a scuffle involving the guards and another learner.

Venasi Mashiki (32), Steady Mwenda (30) and Sam Dumbu (33) last Thursday appeared before magistrate Farai Gwitima facing battery charges.
They allegedly flogged a Students’ Representative Council (SRC) member, Tafadzwa Moyo (25) for attempting to restrain them from assaulting Victor Saimiti whom they were beating up over an undisclosed matter.

The court heard that on May 19 at around midnight, Moyo was on her way to the hostels when she saw Saimiti being assaulted by the guards prompting her to enquire on the motive of the assault.

Her pleas to the three to stop the brutality against Saimiti fell on deaf ears before she threatened to take a video of their actions using her cellphone.

This incensed the guards resulting in Mashiki advancing towards Moyo, assaulting her twice in the head with open hands while at the same time dragging her to the campus’ control room.
Mashiki then handed over Moyo to Mwenda and Dumbu who allegedly beat her up five times on the left knee using baton-sticks and she sustained serious injuries.

Mashiki was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment or alternatively pay $100 fine while Mwenda was slapped with a 60-day jail term or $300 fine.
Dumbu was acquitted.

Lucky Dube prosecuted.

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