Amangwe unveils official trademark

Organisers of South African King Ntshosho II’s recent visit to Zimbabwe have expressed concern over the illegal proliferation of miniature trademarks purportedly belonging to the royal clan, adding they would unveil an authentic trademark later this year.

The Amangwe clan — which uses the Ndiweni, Mbambo and Zwane surnames — is spread across southern parts of Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa.

Speaking during the king’s visit to Zimbabwe on Saturday, the secretary for the local organising committee, Oupa Zwane, said the official trademark to be unveiled in South Africa on September 23 would encompass all members of the royal family from the three countries.

“On September 23 this year, we will be unveiling the Amangwe people’s trademark,” he said. “Along with this, we will be establishing our funeral cover that will cater for the Amangwe people. We also want to have our own trust fund so that we become educated people who build themselves and prosper.In Africa, there are no orphans, we are all related and we need to look out for one another so that when others die, we do not languish in poverty.

“However, Christianity has created for us what we call orphans yet in African culture when your father dies, you remain with your father’s brother who then becomes your father.”

Zwane said there was need to protect the Amangwe clan heritage so that the coming generations were made aware of their origins and history.

“History is a vital aspect in one’s life as it determines one’s life. Because we are proud to be within the Amangwe clan, we want to leave a legacy,” he said.

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