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Mayweather told to stay in jail


LAS VEGAS — Floyd Mayweather’s request to be released from jail has been denied by a Las Vegas judge.

The undefeated boxer asked to be put under house arrest because the low quality of the food and water in jail threatened his health.

But the judge said on Wednesday he should eat and drink what is being given to him behind bars.
And prosecutor Lisa Luzaich scoffed at the complaints during a court hearing on Tuesday. “It’s jail,” Luzaich told the court. “Where did he think he was going? The Four Seasons?”

Justice of the Peace, Melissa Saragosa, wrote in her decision that water had been made available to Mayweather around the clock and the only reason he was not eating properly was because he refused to eat the provided meals.

Saragosa said Mayweather’s complaints that he was unable to exercise in jail were also unfounded.

“While the physical training areas and times provided may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses,” Saragosa wrote.

A mere ten days after Mayweather turned himself in to begin his three-month sentence, his legal team filed an emergency motion on Monday asking the court to put him under house arrest or move him into the general jail population.

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