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Drinking at home? No not me — Zimbos


Imagine a man coming home from the pub around midnight to find a full set of darts, a snooker table, chess and a state-of-the-art PA system bought by his spouse so that he could entertain himself at home! The first question from the man would probably be: “Why have you bought all these things?”

I sometimes hear this from wives who are frustrated because they cannot successfully get their pub-addicted husbands to come back home early. Often, they think that they have tried everything and, so far, nothing has enticed their husbands.

In a survey to find out why men spend much of their spare time in pubs, NewsDay established some men blamed lack of quality entertainment at home for their pub addiction and others said they could only enjoy beer among a crowd.

“I have no reason to spend my spare time at home sitting with my children while drinking beer at the same time. I have to do one thing at a time and this issue of my wife deciding to buy these entertainment gadgets, I would not mind as long she gives me some time to be with my friends out there,” said Watida Chikondo from Bulawayo.

A Harare man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he went to the pub not only to drink beer and play games, but to flirt with women.

“It’s tricky because we go to the bar not just to drink beer, but to flirt with women. Unless the wife decides to bring in some good ladies!” he said laughing.

“She has to invite all friends I drink beer with because I cannot play those games alone or with my two little kids, because in these pubs people will be challenging each other as well as betting,” said Caution Masomere from Masvingo.

Another reveller based in South Africa posted on a social network that he would not spend even a single hour home drinking beer alone. He said he would rather take his wife to the pub and she could find her way back home.

“I find myself comfortable with the bar than home when I want to enjoy my drinking time. If she insists I stay home then I might tell her that I normally enjoy watching women stripping in the Avenues!”
said a local journalist adding that he also gathers news frequently from these pubs.

Brian Choto, a visual artist from Chitungwiza, said he gathered most of his drawing ideas from the people he interacted with at the pub.

“I am more comfortable with pub drinking since I gather drawing ideas from my colleagues who come and relax in this bar. I would appreciate it if my wife tells me to come back home early.”
Contrary to other men, Tinashe Jonhera of Chitungwiza said he felt comfortable drinking at home than in the pubs.

“I prefer drinking beer at home to any other public place. There are no hustles after getting drunk and I hate driving while I am drunk,” said Jonhera.

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