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Doctor slaps patient for snubbing prescription


A Harare medical doctor, David Chimuka (60) was yesterday slapped with a $150 fine or ten days imprisonment after he was convicted of assaulting his patient whom he accused of snubbing his prescription.

The complainant in the matter, Musendekwa Tungamirayi of Marlborough, was manhandled by Chimuka, who is also a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, after revealing to him that he had not taken the doctor’s prescribed medication.
Tungamirayi refused to get out of the doctor’s office demanding a refund.

During the ensuing scuffle, Tungamirayi is said to have lost two buttons from his shirt and in the process sustained a swollen neck.

In passing sentence, Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta said although Tungamirayi was assaulted, the State did not produce a medical affidavit to show the degree of injuries sustained by the complainant which could have influenced the court to consider a stiffer penalty.

“If you find you have problematic patients, avoid acting in that manner. In passing sentence, I have considered that you are a medical doctor and incarcerating you would be detrimental not only to your family, to your but patients as well,” said the magistrate.

During the trial, prosecutor Tendayi Kabudura said that on December 2 last year, Tungamirayi visited Chimuka seeking treatment and presented to him some tablets which he had prescribed.

The court heard that Chimuka then told Tungamirayi that he had delayed in buying the tablets and as such he was not serious in seeking treatment.

Chimuka then told Tungamirayi that he was not going to treat him and ordered him out of his office. The court heard Tungamirayi requested for a refund, but the doctor refused and he remained seated.

It was at that point that Chimuka grabbed the chair where Tungamirayi was seated and dragged him out of his office.

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