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Special schools festival on tomorrow


St Giles School will tomorrow host a Special Schools Arts Festival that will see disabled students showcasing various artistic skills.

The arts festival runs under the theme “The Right of Children with Disabilities: The Duty to Protect, Respect, Promote and Fulfill”.

The festival comes ahead of this year’s commemoration of the International Day of the African Child (celebrated on June 16) which is centred around children with disabilities.

Festival co-ordinator Ticha Muzavazi said the Special Schools Arts Festival will see students from various institutions around the country showcasing their skills and abilities in music, poetry, traditional dance, drawing, crafts and other art forms.

He expressed hope that the festival will help in promoting recognition of children with disabilities in community.

“We expect the festival to facilitate and promote recognition of children with disabilities through the arts. We also intend to foster a culture of formalising and dignifying art and contributions of our children with disabilities,” said Muzavazi. He said the arts festival was being driven by the fact that there was limited participation of disabled artists in mainstream arts.

He said: “We have witnessed participation of very few highly talented artists with disabilities in the mainstream art circles. Most of them have taken their art to streets and railway stations and been labelled as beggars.”

He said the arts festival will aim at raising awareness of issues on the lives of children living with disabilities.

Some of the participants expected to perform include Munyaradzi Munodawafa, Jairos Jiri Kadoma and Harare, Danhiko, Emerald Hill, Murewa Resource Unit for the Blind, among others. Musician Victor Kunonga will be a guest artist. Muzavazi said they were planning to make the Special Schools Arts Festival an annual event.

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