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I am my own man now — Peter Moyo


Sungura artist Peter “Dhewa” Moyo said he is eager to grow out of his late father’s image and become his own man.

He expects to release his debut album in October to mark the beginning of his own journey. The album carries a special dedication to his late father Tongai Moyo on a track titled Pasirino.

The song will be his personal grief over losing his father at a time he still needed him. The album will include songs like Mushonga Mukuru, which encourages people to have independent mindsets and Wakadaro, a love song which encourages people to love their partners for what they are and avoid comparing them to other people.

Moyo said he was ready to take credit for his own abilities and would not ride on people’s sympathy, as he was now tired of being compared to his late father.

“My life changed drastically when my father died. People began to expect too much from me yet they needed to accept that he was gone and also realise that the two of us were completely different people,” said Moyo.

Moyo said it was high time people accepted him for who he was, as his character did not match that of his father in any way.

“When I started out the band lacked discipline, and that was probably because at times my father would be busy with something else and the band would do as it pleased. I have had enough time to sort everything with the boys, so people should expect fireworks from Peter and not see him through the eyes of Tongai.”

He said he thanked God for the ability and strength to work hard and provide for his family, adding that a lot of people, well-wishers and friends of the late Tongai, had promised to chip in and help him, the band and family, but had not kept their word.

Moyo said marriage was also something far from his mind because he had so much work to do to fend for his family and also honour his father by keeping his band alive.

“I took up music because of my father. It was never my passion, but I am now up to the task. My passion was in football and I played for Kwekwe’s Lancashire Steel team as a striker from 2005. My father supported me, but when he realised he was about to die he asked me to take over his music.”

He said he believed his younger brother Tanaka, who is a good drummer, was very passionate about music since he spent most of his time watching videos of live shows.

Peter said although he would live his father’s dream and take music to another level, all he wanted from his fans was to be recognised now as his own man.

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