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BBA: Maneta disturbed by Zainab’s exit


Maneta Mazanhi, one of Zimbabwe’s representatives in the Big Brother Stargame show, has been deeply affected by Zainab’s (Sierra Leone) disqualification from the game on Monday evening.

Zainab and DKB of Ghana were disqualified from the Stargame after a brawl following a provocation. DKB slapped Zainab accusing her of infringing on his privacy after she opened the bathroom door while he was taking a bath.

Big Brother rules forbid violence of any kind and the two housemates had to be disqualified.

Maneta complained about how everyone she gets close to subsequently got evicted.

First it was Zambia’s dance queen, Mampi, who became the first housemate to be evicted from Upville two weeks ago.

Maneta and Mampi had become very close, but fellow housemates did not approve their relationship saying it hinged on gossiping. They were both nominated for possible eviction and Maneta survived.

After realising that gossiping almost cost her, Maneta got close to Zainab to correct her mistake. The two had become close and Maneta appeared settled until the unfortunate event on Monday.

When Zainaba and DKB were disqualified, the scheduled Monday nominations were called off after the mind-numbing incident.

During the live nomination show, Biggie told the starmates nominations had been cancelled.

“Due to the regrettable events of the day, Big Brother has decided to nullify nominations and cancel the eviction,” said Big Brother.

Zainab and DKB’s disqualification was a blessing in disguise though for the Upville housemates, as the two had dominated the nominations suggesting they were not popular in the house.

Meanwhile, Botswana is no longer part of the show after its two representatives, Edith and Eve were evicted on Sunday evening. Ghana’s Mildred was also evicted while Keitta was upgraded to the Upville house.

A total of nine countries, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Nigeria are left in the game from the initial 14. Roki and Maneta are playing the game well so far as they have survived eviction for a month. They have two months to go.

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