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Villagers declare war on anthrax


Tsholotsho villagers have reportedly started mobilising resources to acquire preventative vaccines for anthrax.

Tsholotsho senator Believe Gaule (MDC-T) said villagers and officials from the Veterinary Services Department were working closely to ensure the disease was checked.

“This year, we are looking at ways to stop the outbreak of anthrax in the area after the catastrophe that happened last year,” he said.

“We are working with the Veterinary Services Department to avoid the outbreak of anthrax in Tsholotsho by conducting wide-scale vaccinations of livestock in the area. We are planning on coming up with a system whereby residents from different wards will contribute something towards stopping an anthrax outbreak.”

Last year the government banned cattle sales and movements in Tsholotsho following an outbreak of anthrax which claimed many livestock.

More than 165 wild animals including 88 hippopotamuses succumbed to the disease countrywide.

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