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Celebrities worst life experiences


Despite being under the spotlight and attracting attention wherever they go, celebrities have from time to time worst moments they would never forget.

NewsDay spoke to a number of artists who shared their worst-ever experiences. Below are their experiences:

Enock Guni, aka Nox, (urban grooves musician)
It was in 2009 when I came to Zimbabwe driving and lost my drivers licence in Harare. I had to go back to South Africa driving without a licence.

I managed to go past most roadblocks until I got to the last one in Beitbridge where I was asked to produce it and the policeman threatened to lock me up.

He ordered me to sit in the back seat as he was going to drive to the nearest station. I realised that I was in a tricky situation and I jumped off the car just when it was taking off, and the cop was so terrified. I started screaming holding my leg claiming the policemen had moved the car before I was fully in and had consequently injured my leg.

Everyone was afraid and they asked me if I could drive and I said I would try. I was rushing for something in SA and had to proceed without delay.

Victor Kunonga (jazz musician)
It was at a function where President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Professor Welshman Ncube and other VIPs were present.

Chiwoniso Maraire and I were where called to come onto the stage to perform and clearly our technical requirements were not quite in place and it was such a scare for me. In those split seconds we pulled it off and did another set-up.

Vanessa Sibanda (former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe)
I remember getting into a place of about 1 000 square metres which was covered with a very high fence at Kruger National Park (South Africa) and people outside could not see what was inside.

In there were four scary cheetahs. I was told that if I walked fast they would attack me so I walked slowly and I was very afraid, but I managed to get out without provoking them.

Nkululeko Dube (Iyasa director)
It was when I was arrested supposedly for loitering. I tried to identify myself as the director of the popular Iyasa but they would not take my nonsense because I had no ID card or passport with me.

Freddy Manjalima, aka Kapfupi, (actor and musician) It was when Amai Nga (his wife) eloped to me while I was still acting along First Street Mall. I was shocked and wanted to deny her but she was adamant and came home. We quarrelled and I will never forget it.

Dominic Benhura (sculptor)
Recently, when I had finished working on a piece which was about one metre high, I knocked it down by mistake and it broke. It was so disheartining.

Jah Prayzah (dancehall artist)
I was distraught when there was an article about me dating a married woman published in a local tabloid. It was a first negative story on me in the media.

Bongani Dhlakama (Miss Zimbabwe 2012)
It was on 27 April when I was contesting for the Miss Zimbabwe title. I was among the last five and when they called out the first and second princess and there I was left standing with two other beauties and it was unbearable until it was announced I was the queen.

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