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More men resort to concoctions for libido


While women are busy applying breast enlargement creams, skin-bleaching lotions and “tightening” soaps, most men are silently taking sexual herbs and “waters” now readily available in the streets.

A survey by this reporter showed that “sexual” concoctions, both traditional and conventional, have flooded the markets with some being sold openly.

A visit at Mupedzanhamo market in Mbare and Mukambo in Machipisa showed that the concoctions are ranging from $1 to as much as $18 depending on the amount and “strength” of the concoction.

“Many men do come here looking for the concoctions for different parts of their body. Some want medicines which increase their sexual libido while others prefer concoctions which strengthen their backbone,” said Angela Mukombe, who sells her herbs and concoctions at Machipisa.

A self-confessed traditional healer, who trades his medicines at Mupedzanhamo, said there was an upsurge of women who visited him looking for sexual concoctions for their husbands.

“Women, some in top-of-the-range cars, come here looking for muti for their husbands. They complain that the food consumed these days makes their husbands impotent,” said the traditional healer.

Some men interviewed by this reporter through social network sites acknowledged taking “sexual” boosters at one point.

“When I got married, I wanted to try a lot of things and I ended up taking a root that boosts one’s sexual vigour,” said Arnold Gonese of Kwekwe.
Another Raffingora man said taking sexual concoctions is part of farm life.

“Here, we work on farms and most of the time we would be tired and if we do not use these sexual medicines, our wives end up sleeping with other men,” he said.

Goodman Gore of Karoi had this to say: “These things have been there. Our forefathers used to use the medicines and in some parts of the country, it was tradition for newly-married men to be introduced to leaves and herbs before taking in their wives.”

Earlier this week, NewsDay carried a story where a urologist acknowledged the widespread abuse of viagra to increase male sexual potency in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Samuel Mvurume, a urologist at Parirenyatwa Hospital, said ED was a major health problem affecting men, although victims were reluctant to seek early medical help.

He said as a result, some women came forward to seek help on behalf of their husbands.
He said the condition was mostly caused by psychological imbalance which contributes 95% of patients affected by the condition.

Only 5% of erectile dysfunction is pathological, Mvurume said.

“In some patients who think viagra solves their problems, it is simply a matter of telling them to refocus their sexual desires on their spouses as you would find that most of them confess having small houses (mistresses) whom they are able to satisfy sexually.

“Most men resorting to viagra as a sex stimulant don’t need it. The problem is with the mindset.”

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