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Tsholotsho chiefs to be installed


A direct descendant of the founder of the Ndebele nation, King Mzilikazi, is set to be installed as Chief Mathuphula in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North, on Saturday, a family spokesperson has said.

Mandlakazulu Khumalo, who will succeed his father Chief Neja Mathuphula who died in October 2007, will be one of the two chiefs to be installed this weekend in the province.

The other new chief to be installed tomorrow is Chief Tategulu, also of Tsholotsho.

A Khumalo family member, Prince Peter Zwidekalanga Khumalo, confirmed that Mandlakazulu will take over from senior village head Nkosana Mlevu, who was the acting chief.

“Mandlakazulu is the direct descendant of King Mzilikazi and his installation is not that of a mere chief, but the installation of a prince as chief,” he said.

“His great grandfather was Sibhamu, a son of Mzilikazi, who bore Mathuphula who begat Mpande, who bore Neja, the father of Mandlakazulu, who is 31 years old.

“Mandlakazulu is the eldest son, but the third born in his family, coming after two girls.”

Khumalo said Mandlakazulu would be installed according to traditions of the Khumalo clan.

“He will be installed by the house of the Khumalos and Local Government, Urban and Rural Development minister Ignatius Chombo will dress him in the chiefs’ coat, according to the laws of this country.

“The Khumalos will install him according to their traditions and the ways of their ancestors, working with people under the Mathuphula chieftainship,” he said.

Khumalo said the event was going to be, “an elaborate traditional event”.

“There will be a lot of meat and a lot of samp and a lots more traditional foods,” he said.

“There will be dancing and singing and everyone would be happy because this would be a big day.

“We are inviting all people who wish him well in his reign to find their way to Tsholotsho on this day,” he said.

Chief Neja Mathuphula died in October 2007.

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