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Roki tipped to win Big Brother


Recently evicted Big Brother Stargame housemate, Mampi Mukate, has tipped Roki to win this year’s reality show.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, the 25-year-old Zambian R&B singer, who was booted out of the show last Sunday, said she believed the
$300 000 prize will go to Roki or Sierra Leone’s Zainab because of the duo’s interesting characters.

“These two housemates thrilled me when I was in the house because of their characters. They are special cases because they are weird, mad, insane and beyond crazy,” said Mampi.

“They have entertaining issues and I think Africa will fall in love with their characters and would want to keep those two in the house till the game ends.”
Mampi, who had earlier on hinted that if she was not evicted she would take a voluntary exit, said she had been ready to leave the game.

“I got tired of playing the game. I loved the house, the set-up and all, but my heart was no longer there. I was relieved when I left the house because I was homesick, missing my fiancé and all.”
Asked about her gossiping tendencies, which apparently contributed to her eviction, Mampi said she did not regret her actions.

“I don’t feel bad about gossiping about other housemates because there is nothing much to do in that house, so for me, talking about others was a source of entertainment. Everyone gossips in that house, but it’s just a pity that some housemates hated me because they did not want to be told the truth. If you don’t gossip in that house then you would probably be betraying someone, lying, flirting or studying other housemates,” she said.

Mampi acknowledged that Maneta Mazanhi was her favourite housemate.

“Maneta understood me more than all the other housemates in that house. I will definitely miss her and Roki. I know Maneta will manage to survive without me as she is a strong woman,” she said.
Asked about Prezzo (Kenya) and Goldie’s (Nigeria) romantic relationship, Mampi said Prezzo was probably doing it for television.

“Prezzo is probably playing along with Goldie for the game as he has a wife back home. I think Goldie is a girl who always wants to be in someone’s arms. It’s all up to Prezzo, they might end up genuinely falling in love because love comes when you least expect it.”

The Zambian superstar said Big Brother enhanced her fame and she will take the opportunity to boost her music career.

Meanwhile Maneta has confessed she was shocked that she was not evicted on Sunday evening.

“I thought I was going home on Sunday, but I was really shocked to see myself survive,” said Maneta.
She said she was humbled and very grateful that Africa had voted for her. Maneta survived eviction by a whisker as she got two country votes from Zimbabwe and Botswana to save her.

Maneta admitted she was nominated because of her alliance with Mampi.

“I know that I was nominated because of Mampi — people thought we were always scheming. Mampi was causing conflicts and dragging me along,” said Maneta.

Mampi’s eviction from the house seems to have changed Maneta’s attitude and strategy for the game.

She has toned down on gossiping and is now trying to create friends. She has been very close to Roki of late and the two seem to be getting along very well.

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