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Chimbetus saga: Douglas, Tryson combine forces


Douglas Chimbetu, who recently took stewardship of Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) following his father’s departure, has decided to join forces with his cousin Tryson to ensure he masters his first steps as the band’s new leader.

Douglas’ father Allan, who founded the group, left to join his nephew, Sulumani, due to waning fortunes.

Tryson has been on a steady rise on the dendera ladder and Douglas has decided to come under his cousin’s shadow in a bid to rescue the Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) ship from sinking.

The pair has promised to hold joint shows until Douglas grows into his own man. The two had a meeting yesterday to map the way forward.
Tryson confirmed he met Douglas to discuss their future as musicians and bothers.

“I met him to discuss our business in music. He is still young and he needs help from me as a brother and fellow musician,” said Tryson.

However, the rising dendera star refused to say if the union was meant to counter the reunion of Sulumani and Allan.

Douglas also confirmed the meeting.

“We met today to discuss the issue and we agreed to have joint shows in which we are going to start next week,” said Douglas.

He hailed Tryson for being an understanding brother who has a vision and love for the unity of the family.

“He showed great passion of unity within the family and I want to thank him for the support he has pledged to give me.”

Asked how they negotiate on playing lists since they perform the same songs, the duo said they will have a clear programme when they meet before their fist show.

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