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Constituency Spotlight


Harare Central Constituency – Murisi Zwizwai (MDC-T)
Most people in the constituency said their MP held regular meetings in the area and attended to their social problems.

Ron Christian (Arcadia)
I know the MP because he regularly visits the constituency. Right now, he has embarked on a programme to revive St Martins Recreational Park which was closed in 1985 and was turned into a dumpsite.

Jane Mitton
I know him very much although I am not a politician, but here at our church (St Martins Catholic Church) he donated flowers although he does not belong to this denomination. He comes to the constituency and addresses our problems. I personally wish him many more years as an MP because he is doing quite well for the constituency.

Patience Zambara (Avenues)
He came here (Avenues) last year asking the people what they wanted. We said we wanted water and as I am speaking, there are people who are surveying the area to sink boreholes. What we want here in Harare is water.

James Mukusha (Hillside)
Here in Hillside we have never had a meeting with the MP. He does not have time to have meetings and even rallies. I usually see him talking to the people, but he must be serious and have more gatherings.

MPs response
First and foremost I want to tell you that it has not been easy to have projects in Harare Central because there are a lot of people who are disrupting developments in the constituency.

In St Martins, we are refurbishing the recreational park. So far we have removed the garbage because it had been turned into a dumpsite and we have done this with the help of Harare City Council.

We have imported rocks from the Great Dyke.
At that park (St Martins Recreational Park), we have put two water tanks with boreholes and water pumps. As we speak, about 90% of the residents in Arcadia and St Martins are drinking safe water.

We have decided to have a state-of-the-art feature at the site.

I have also intervened in the long-running debate between the residents of Arcadia and council over the development of the area in front of Arcadia Community Hall. We agreed that it has to be developed into a park.

We fenced it, but some hired people from the nearest residential suburbs ploughed in the area.
We are constructing pavements at all market stalls in the constituency and so far, those in Arcadia and Braeside are about to be finished.

There are some children who have failed to get education, but I have negotiated with the council to have places for them. So far I have started in Arcadia and 26 children have benefited.

Right now, we still have $10 000 in the account and we are about to consult all the people in the constituency about how to use it. Out of the Constituency Development Fund, we as a family donated flowers to the churches.

I am paying two workers who are helping refurbish the park.

I am happy that we are doing it as a constituency. On the issue of gatherings, I usually go door-to- door because it can be a challenge to address a gathering in the Avenues area.

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