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The good, bad of Internet for teens


Fifteen years or so ago only a few people knew what the Internet was.

Nowadays, it has become the most powerful and influential social medium.

The Internet contains thousands of sites where you find different services and information.

Today, computers and the Internet are found in most homes.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet.

Many would think that it is mindless and time wasting.

Some parents discourage their children from surfing websites.

They think kids and teenagers would be playing games and social networks, yet a study of online use has revealed that the Internet is an important element for teenage development.

A researcher Dr Mini Ho says: “They are learning the technology skills and literacy needed for the contemporary world.”

The Internet widens our knowledge and gives us up-to-date information.

We get to know about the weather and how earthquakes and volcanoes are occurring in other parts of the world like in Los Angeles.

Teenagers get updates on syllabuses they want to study.

We can actually shop from home using the Internet.
However, there are also disadvantages on the use of the Internet.

Instead of using the Internet for educational purposes, some teenagers use the Internet for downloading games and bad sites with bad influence.

Some sites have viruses that harm computers in the homes.

Other teenagers become addicted to inappropriate sites.

Parents try to keep an eye on children to monitor sites they open on the Internet.

As teenagers we should not make our parents think badly about us when we use the Internet

This article was written by the following students from Vainona High School in Harare:
Makanakaishe Jiri
Ayshah Tawodzera
Melody Chitiyo
Samantha Matengambiri
Leslie Kapinga Mkanka
Kudakwashe Makamani
Courteney Jeffrey

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