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Mujuru promises apostolic sects land


Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday promised apostolic sects land for agricultural activities in a move that is likely to cement the relationship the churches have with Zanu PF.

Mujuru made the pledge during a Zionist and Apostolic churches national day of prayer at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield. Mujuru, who is matron of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe(ACCZ) and was clad in the churches’ white regalia, was asked by Tadeu Mugodhi, leader of the Mugodhi Apostolic Church, to avail land for church members.

“We want the government to assist us by giving us farming land,” Tadeu told the huge gathering which included Zanu PF officials.

Mujuru replied by saying she was happy they had made the request and they should be given the land. “I was happy to hear Bishop (Mugodhi) talking about land. That land should be given to them.
Right now I have another big group that I am assisting with the acquisition of farming inputs,” Mujuru said.

She added: “President Robert Mugabe has launched a lot of programmes that help better the lives of people but there is a lot of short-changing of people.

“There is a lot of thieving and people do not even see where these things go, but empowerment projects and programmes, these we will support so you will also benefit from them.”

ACCZ also openly declared its solidarity with Mugabe and Zanu PF describing those from other political parties as “political opportunists”.

Johannes Ndanga, president of ACCZ, said: “We want to express our solidarity with President Robert Mugabe and we want to say that we denounce political opportunists.”

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