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Mismanagement cost Allan Chimbetu — son


Allan Chimbetu’s son, Douglas, yesterday revealed his father abandoned his band to join his nephew Sulumani because of mismanagement, which led to constant discord among band members.

Douglas said his father kept most of his band members in the dark about various important issues leading to decreasing morale in Orchestra Dendera Kings — Central Committee, Allan’s band.
“Shows in Harare were no longer paying, considering there were more players who attract bigger crowds than our band,” said Douglas.
“He would change band members regularly and that was very unhealthy as that meant we would always lose followers.

“The major problems came because of cash. He would fail to pay the band in some instances.”
Douglas believes his father should have been able to manage the situation and keep the band intact.
He accused his father of being unfair to the extent of coming to collect all the money the band sometimes made at shows where Douglas led the group in Allan’s absence.

Douglas (21) says his first task as band leader would be to ensure things are run transparently to avoid losing band members.

“My first task is to keep this current band intact,” he said.

“If I start with changing band members I will not make it. I also have to strengthen my relationship with promoters because that was grossly lacking when my father was in control.”

He, however, emphasised that he was still in good books with his father since he respected his decision to move on.

Douglas said he accepted the responsibility of leading the band and hoped to turn fortunes around.

He said he was working on his debut album which is set to be released in July.

Allan also said there was no bad blood between him and his son and blamed everything on his band members.

“They do not know how it works in showbiz,” said Allan

“When you prepare for a show you incur numerous costs for posters and transport. For posters sometimes we have accounts that we settle periodically, but simply because most of these boys are young and were taken from the streets, they do not understand all that.

“Most of them do not even have Ordinary Level certificates and you wonder why they talk too much, as if they know how to handle issues. Some of them are so misinformed.”

Allan joined Sulumani this week putting an end to speculation that the two were sworn enemies following their acrimonious split a few years ago.

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