Kachasu overdose kills woman

A 50-year-old Nyanga woman died on Sunday after drinking an illicit traditionally brewed liquor known as kachasu in Magadu village.

Anna Makore (50) had gone for a drinking binge with a male companion, Howard Mandeya (57), in Mandeya village on April 28. The two drank the illicit brew and Makore allegedly had one too many and could not walk back home.

She sought refuge at a neighbour’s place for the night where she woke up dead the following morning.

Police have confirmed the incident and warned people to desist from brewing and drinking kachasu whose ingredients include ammonium nitrate (fertiliser) and sugar as well as other unspecified additives.

“Anna Makore left her homestead and joined Howard Mandeya on a drinking binge with others in Magadu village in Honde Valley,” said Manicaland assistant police spokesperson Sergeant Muzondiwa Clean.

“She was so drunk to the extent that she failed to return to her homestead thus she was offered accommodation by Marvis Chimeka of the same village. The following day, Sunday morning, Chimeka found Makore dead and police established that it was a result of excessive drinking of the illicit brew,” said Clean.

He advised members of the public that kachasu was a dangerous concoction and warned that it was illegal to take it.

He said those found brewing, in possession of or drinking the brew would face the wrath of the law.

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