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All set for May Day celebrations


Thousands of Zimbabwean workers will celebrate May Day tomorrow amid growing disenchantment over poor working conditions and loss of jobs.

The main celebrations will be held at Gwanzura Stadium in Harare where Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will be a guest of honour at the George Nkiwane-led Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) event.

Another ZCTU faction led by Lovemore Matombo will hold its celebrations at Harare Gardens. It was not yet clear yesterday where the Zanu PF-aligned Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions will converge for the commemorations.

The fragmented celebrations will be a reflection of the battle by the countrys main political parties to control the labour force.

Zanu PF yesterday said it wanted to use the celebrations to affirm its close relationship with the workers of Zimbabwe and its commitment to their welfare.

Zanu PF is the party that liberated the workers from the chains of oppression and ruthless exploitation, the party said in a statement.

Zanu PF continues to champion the interests of the workers today by insisting on a decent living wage and on sharing in the profits that the workers create with their labour through the introduction of the Share Ownership Scheme.

But critics say the partys opaque economic policies and the indigenisation programme were responsible for the loss of jobs that have seen unemployment rising to more than 80%.

In a statement published in the State media, Zanu PF said it was looking to the future with great hope for the Zimbabwean worker as the benefits of these and other economic initiatives are still to impact fully on the economy.

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