90 UZ students circumcised

Ninety University Of Zimbabwe (UZ) students were recently circumcised under a programme conducted by a voluntary health group, Health Professional Empowerment Trust (HPET).

HPET project director Evans Mastara said the response from the students was encouraging as they realised the benefits of circumcision in this HIV and Aids era.

We had a circumcision programme which ran between April 10 and 18 which saw 90 students being circumcised, said Mastara.

It is running concurrently with the national programme being run by the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and Population Services International where they are moving countrywide offering the services for free, Mastara said.

This was made possible under our three-year project on male circumcision and reproductive health awareness campaign at the UZ because we have seen that students are at risk.

Mastara added they were working with the universitys sport and recreation department to use sporting events as an opportunity for health talk.

When they have sports at the college we pitch our tent where students who want more information on the issues can come and we discuss, he added.
Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin from the male organ.

Zimbabwe launched a circumcision campaign in 2009, targeting at least 1,2 million men by 2015 in the fight against HIV and Aids.

According to the World Heath Organisation, male circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted HIV infection in men by approximately 60%.

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