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Zanu PF youths living large


Zanu PF youths in Mbare have “created business empires” out of indigenisation funds, the party confirmed yesterday.

Some of the youths were living lavish lifestyles after buying commuter omnibuses among other things as they reportedly own multiple market stalls after seizing them from their MDC-T rivals.
Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chairperson Jim Kunaka said most of the youths had benefited from the indigenisation programme.

“Youths are doing well in welding, car painting and some have kombis and buses.

“We are fully behind the programme and if we see anyone who is against it, we will get very angry,” he said.

This came at a time some MDC-T members were complaining of harassment and claiming losing market stalls to the Zanu PF activists. But Kunaka claimed that even MDC-T members had also benefited.

“We know the MDC-T youths who got $5 000 from CBZ but they oppose the programme,” said Kunaka without giving details.

“It’s a lie. If you apply to the bank it doesn’t know which party you support.

“It’s up to the bank to decide, if they see the viability (of the project). We don’t want to politicise this programme.”

On allegations that the MDC-T had been barred from Mbare, Kunaka said: “The MDC-T has lost ground in the area because we (Zanu PF) are on the ground and meeting people. They are just creating stories which are not there.”

The MDC-T recently said its Mbare MP Piniel Denga was being denied access to hold meetings in the constituency while Mbare councillor, Friday Mleya (MDC-T) warned councillors who had suggested touring Mbare against the move.

The indigenisation issue has created division in government between Zanu PF ministers
MDC-T ministers.

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