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Skuza praises police anti-piracy raids


Tshibilika music star Chase Skuza has lauded police in Bulawayo for a massive clamp-down on vendors selling pirated music saying such a move was long overdue.

Skuza said he had seen police arresting many vendors of pirated music and films in a campaign that covered the city centre and high-density suburbs.

“As a musician, I am pleased to see the police taking action against these people. We work hard to produce this music but they just steal it and sell it for a dollar a disc,” said Skuza.

“Bulawayo police have shown professionalism in this regard.”

A serious campaign against piracy was recently launched countrywide after Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industries called for a 100-day campaign against piracy at a recent event in Harare.
Musicians have previously accused the police of turning a blind eye on pirates or working together with criminals.

Skuza said one of the most pirated discs was an album created by pirates and titled Ndebele/Kalanga Hits that contains music by the late Solomon Skuza, Ndux Malax and Ndolwane Super Sounds.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson, Mandlenkosi Moyo confirmed police had launched an operation aimed at “rooting out piracy in the city”.
“It is an ongoing operation. It will continue until such time that pirates have been wiped out of the streets,” said Moyo.

“We urge all those who are involved in producing and selling pirated music to desist from such practices as the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them. They should rather find other means of earning a living than through piracy.”

Moyo said the police were working hand in glove with the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association in the operation.

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