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Young men urged to get circumcised


The Health Professionals Trust (HPE) has urged young men to get circumcised, through a circumcision drive taking place at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) this week.

The campaign started on Wednesday and will continue until April 18.

UZ students and other young men around the area were urged to get circumcised in an effort to reduce chances of being infected with HIV by 60%.

HPE is collaborating with the Health and Child Welfare ministry and Population Services International to carry out this free campaign.
By Thursday 40 young men had already been circumcised and there was anticipation the numbers would increase.

Peer educators were recruited to promote the campaign, giving young people information on sexual reproductive health and circumcision. This was done through sports and other recreational activities, particularly at the UZ track and field championships and Zimbabwe Universities Association games in March.

HPE project director Evans Mastara called those in the health sector to get involved in such initiatives and contribute to the revamping of health services for young people.

“We are hopeful this circumcision drive will have a huge impact on the future health costs as HIV infection is reduced. HIV can also be reduced with safe sex practices and abstinence,” Mastara said.
According to the World Health Organisation male circumcision should not be taken in isolation.

Other elements of a comprehensive HIV prevention package include, “the provision of HIV testing and counselling services; treatment for sexually transmitted infections; the promotion of safer sex practices; the provision of male and female condoms and promotion of their correct and consistent use”.

HPE project co-ordinator, Saliwe Nkomo said: “There is still need to give young people more information on sexual reproduction and circumcision. Young people do not have all the knowledge they need.”

Young men were encouraged to get circumcised and gain more information from the health centre concerning sexual reproductive health.

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