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Zimbo murdered in Mozambique


In a gruesome murder incident, a Zimbabwean national was killed at a Mozambican village after a ruthless attack by suspected Mozambican security personnel who then ordered villagers at the area to “bury” the deceased in a shallow grave.

Police spokesperson for Mashonaland Central, Memory Pamire, said she was yet to receive the report.

But national police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said his office did not have the jurisdiction to comment on the issue and referred all questions to the Mozambican embassy.

However, a police report dated April 3 in NewsDay’s possession showed that Albert Alpha Ndekumbe was murdered in Mozambique at the Madiamento area by suspected members of that country’s Police Support Unit (Guarda Fronterras) and allegedly buried in a shallow grave about 20 meters from Mukumbura river on the Mozambican side.

The police report alleged a Mozambican woman, who declined to identify herself for fear of victimisation, disclosed to the Zimbabwean police that she heard a male voice crying a few metres away from her homestead at midnight on March 29.

The woman, the police said, did not do anything as she was afraid to go and check what was happening.

The following day, another unidentified Mozambican woman from the same village discovered the dead body of Ndekumbe in the bush on her way to the garden upon which she reported the matter to Madiamento Police Station (Mozambique).

The woman, according to the police report also did not identify herself for fear of victimisation by Mozambique security agents.

“After receiving the report, Madiamento police went to Bhairo village which is near the scene of the murder and ordered village head, George Kavisi, to bury the body without delay. They brought four villagers to help the village head in burying the deceased,” reads part of the police report.

The police said the village head inspected the body of Ndekumbe before burial and discovered that it had multiple injuries in the head.

He is also reported to have searched the deceased and found $100, a Zimbabwean driver’s licence and a pair of spectacles.

“After the body was buried, Madiamento police took the money from the deceased and gave it to the village head and the four villagers who had helped in the burial. The headman was given $50 and the others were given the remaining $50 to share amongst themselves.The driver’s licence was then taken by one police officer from Madiamento whose name has not been identified,” the police report added.

Zimbabwean police investigations also showed that Kavisi is reported to have said there were numerous “shoe prints” of the Guarda Fronterras (Mozambican police support unit) at the scene of the crime.

The police report alleged the claims by the village head gave suspicion the murder could have been conducted by Mozambican police. Repeated efforts for a comment from the Mozambican embassy were fruitless as it was closed for the holiday.

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