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Reactions to Makandiwa prophecy


United Families International Ministries (UFIM) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa tonight holds his highly publicised Judgment Night at the National Sports Stadium, where he prophesied the destruction of his followers enemies.

The prophecy has triggered animated debate in Harare, with people expressing different views.
MDCT spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said:

We have no means to say whether what a prophet says is true or false, but as the MDC-T we do not wish anybody to die. We feel sorry if anybody is going to die whether they are our friends or political opponents.

Zanu Ndonga national chairman Reketayi Semwayo said: These prophets should not say such things and if they can see that someone is going to die they should go and tell the affected person that prophecy in privacy instead of splashing the news in newspapers.

NewsDay readers who posted their views online were sharply divided on the subject. Although some chose to go along with the prophet, who says his expressions have been misconstrued as political, others raised questions.

One reader, only identified as Ian, said: The greatest thing that you can ever do for yourself is finding Jesus Christ. You dont just comment on spiritual things based on human reasoning. We all need to go to heaven, brethren, so do no harm to the prophets of God. Remember we dont wrestle against flesh.

Although Makandiwa through his spokesperson Prime Kufa has since indicated that the enemies referred to were not people, but sickness, barrenness and poverty, some readers have queried that.

Makandiwa was quoted as having said the foretold death would not be stopped unless the enemies repented.

A reader identified as Hidza queried: Can poverty, sickness and unemployment repent? Remember that he (Makandiwa) mentioned that unless they repent, they will die? He is particularly referring to human figures, we want to wait and see. Dont interpret his prophecy otherwise because what he said is straight forward.

Lizwi Alpha Ntuli described Makandiwa together with Nigerian prophet TB Joshua as doomsayers.

Makandiwa is just echoing the prophecy from his mentor, the false prophet TB Joshua. Even if it does come true, it does not necessarily mean these guys are Gods prophets.

They are doomsayers, Ntuli said. Rumbidzai Jaricha said: Makandiwa or TB Joshua are not killing people, but they are just telling people what God told them. Why dont we wait and see before we judge?

One Mutota said the pronouncement of judgment on enemies was out of sync with New Testament realities.

Another reader Mangwana, suggested: Maybe in this scenario, the word enemies is not referring to people particularly. People have different types of enemies in life.

Poverty can be your enemy, illness can be your enemy, being jobless can be your enemy. The idea is to pray for all these to end.

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