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Makandiwa speaks out


Popular Zimbabwean preacher, Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa, yesterday broke his silence to clarify his prophesy about Zimbabwe and issues to do with his highly publicised Judgment Night, saying they were both divorced from the politics of the country.

Makandiwa, who is the founder of United Family International Church, told NewsDay through his spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufa, that Judgment Night was in fact a prophecy about the death of enemies of members of his congregation such as sickness, barrenness, poverty and demonic influences, among other tribulations but not particular human beings.

On the issue of Makandiwas call to his congregation to pray for Zimbabwe as there were unpleasant things awaiting the country in times to come after Judgment Night, and that he was not at liberty to give details about that, Kufa said Makandiwa had indeed promised to make the prophecy, but there was no indication it would be political. He also said the environment that made him unwilling to speak was not political.

Prophet Makandiwa asked Zimbabweans to pray for the nation of Zimbabwe as he always does. What was prominent was that he promised to prophesy about certain events related to Zimbabwe in the fullness of time.

Prophet Makandiwa has always asked the church to pray for the nation of Zimbabwe and there was nothing amiss or out of line with the request made on Sunday. Asking congregants to pray for Zimbabwe is not akin to foretelling turmoil, Kufa said.

Turning to the issue of the environment that Makandiwa alluded to as stopping him from giving details about his prophecy, Kufa said: The environment that the Prophet was talking about is a prophetic environment and this is something new to Zimbabwe and many times has been misinterpreted.

He was not speaking of a political environment, and we are in an environment where most people do not understand prophecy yet.

He said the prophetic environment could come in the form of symbolic language and, therefore, Makandiwas prophecy did not point to the imminent death of someone who had, as reported, deprived Zimbabweans of their freedom.

It is not even the interpretation of Judgment Night because this prayerful day is all about the Passover as we are going towards Easter, said Kufa.

He said the theme of Judgment Night was taken from Exodus Chapter 12, where God instructed the nation of Israel to get ready for the Passover and promised them all their enemies and plagues would be vanquished.

Prophet Makandiwa has for a number of weeks now prophesied that Judgment Night would result in the death of members of the churchs enemies which have been mentioned as sickness, poverty, demonic influences and other problems that trouble Christians as a result of the machinations of the devil, said Kufa.

The Prophet does not prophesy the death of an individual, but he did prophesy about people who were conniving to launch attacks against his ministry and the titles where these people were going to come from, he said.

According to Kufa, those persecutors were going to come from professions that Makandiwa gave as initials that appeared in their titles and not from their sectors and these initials included letters D, M and J. Meanwhile, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi yesterday described Makandiwa as a tourist attraction who drew huge crowds to his congregations, saying his ministry (of Tourism) was happy with the emergence of religious tourism in the country.

That which attracts natural human curiosity to us is a natural attraction.

I remember there was debate in the Press when I said President (Robert) Mugabe was a tourist attraction, but you lost that argument when thousands of people turned up in Mutare for his birthday celebrations, Mzembi said.

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