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Chief fined $100 for assault


MASVINGO- A Gutu traditional chief who assaulted his subject over the latters failure to remit to the chief his token of traditional beer is lucky to escape jail after a Gutu magistrate fined him $100.

Gutu resident magistrate Nyasha Vhitorini last week spared Chief Chiwara of Gutu, real name Cuthbert Majada (46), jail and ordered the traditional leader to pay a $100 fine or face three months in prison.

Appearing for the State, Agatha Gabriel told the court that on May 30 last year, the chief teamed up with his 23 year-old herdsman, Erasmus Denhere, and went to Edmos Mukarangas homestead in neighbouring Dumba Village.

The two confronted the complainant over the traditional beer that the he had brewed at his homestead and failed to give the chief his customary share.

The court heard that the chief was also incensed by allegations that he was having an affair with Mukarangas sister-in-law.

An altercation ensued, leading to the chief assaulting Mukaranga with clenched fists and booted feet.

Mukaranga reported the matter at Majada police base, leading to the chiefs arrest.

The case has put in the spotlight recent demands by traditional leaders for guns with observers saying that would be a dangerous thing to do given some chiefs penchant for violence.

Chief Svosve was recently sanctioned by the courts for allegedly firing his gun at his subjects over social misunderstandings.

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