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Jailed prosecutor appeals


GWERU — Former Kwekwe public prosecutor Vincent Chikombe, sentenced to an effective two-year jail term last month for abuse of public office, has appealed against both conviction and sentence.

Chikombe’s lawyer Nathaniel Chigoro submitted the application before magistrate Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe yesterday.

The court is expected to rule over the application next Tuesday.

Chikombe was found guilty of demanding and receiving an $800 bribe from one Seward Chigwedere.

The court heard that sometime in May last year, Chikombe who was prosecuting a theft case involving Chigwedere, demanded $800 bribe from the latter to drop the charges.

But Chigwedere was eventually convicted of the charge, leading him to accuse the prosecutor of demanding bribes.

In his application, Chigoro accused Chigwedere of being a dishonest State witness, arguing the latter only raised the bribery charges following his conviction on a theft charge.

“Chigwedere had already been convicted in an offence involving dishonesty.

“It was during mitigation he suddenly raised the issue of Chikombe asking for a bribe from him,” said Chikombe’s lawyer, Chigoro.

“To think that man had suddenly turned saint would be going too far.”

State counsel Andrew Marimo indicated he would oppose the bail application, arguing the State had proved its case beyond doubt.

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