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China-Africa assesses Lupane gas deposits


China-Africa Sunlight Energy (Private) Limited has contracted Environmental Guardians Services to conduct an environmental impact assessment for exploration of coal and methane gas in Gwayi-Concession.

Consultations began on March 31 and are scheduled to be concluded on April 5.

The above-mentioned consultancy has been engaged by China-Africa Sunlight Energy (Private) Limited to carry out an environmental impact assessment on coal and methane gas exploration at Gwayi-Concession in Lupane District, the company said in a notice.

Targeted stakeholders include Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, National Museums and Monuments, Zimbabwe National Water Authority, Health ministry, Forestry Commission, Kusile Rural District and non-governmental organisations operating in Jotsholo, Gundwane, Chimwara, Kana Block and Gwayi.

Last year, China-Africa Sunlight applied for power-generation licences from the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority to establish a power station to produce 120 megawatt (MW) electricity output.
Several exploration studies revealed coalbed methane depots had capacity to produce 300MW of electricity.

Estimates say Zimbabwe has 40 trillion cubic feet of potentially recoverable gas in the Lupane-Lubimbi area.

Coalbed methane is seen as an alternative source of clean energy, in a country faced with acute power shortages.

The development of the Lupane coalbed methane gas project has potential to boost the countrys energy generation capacity.

According to a Zimbabwe Rapid Needs Assessment report prepared by Castalia Advisory Services on behalf of the World Bank, the government should come up with a clear strategy to extract the gas.

Besides gas for electricity generation for import substitution and for export, there are various investment opportunities which are available in the core and downstream industries from coal-bed methane including production of a variety of chemicals, fertiliser production and gas to liquids producing diesel, specialist lubricants and waxes.

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