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Sodomites on the prowl


He clutches his “bottom”, part of which is uncovered, rendered such by his torn pants, some flies hover around him as busy passersby avoid stepping on him, unmoved by what troubles him.

Yet he is a victim of sodomy!

This is the sad story of sodomy, which has become a vice threatening to tear away the entire moral fabric across the social divide, with small boys falling prey to marauding and wealthy sodomites, mainly in urban centres.

Lying at a street corner that he calls his home, 15-year-old Tinashe Chirawu (not his real name) sobs as he narrates the ordeal about his encounter with sodomites recently in the city.

“I was lured to a car parked next to me in town. The driver beckoned me, dangling some drumsticks of chicken,” claimed Tinashe.

The poor boy said he was lured into the vehicle and was given a portion of the meat.

“The two guys, who were nice with me from the beginning started to feign concern over my pitiful street life, promising to help me,” said the boy.

“I thought life had taken a new turn when I met them,” continued Tinashe.

“I was taken to an affluent Harare suburb I cannot remember, where I was ordered to bath in a tub something I had never done in my life,” claimed the boy, adding that his ordeal started soon after the bath.

“I was surprised to see eight strong men streaming into the room where I was busy trying to change into some new clothes that I had been given by the “Good Samaritans” when one of the men suddenly grabbed me by the throat and threw me onto the bed and sodomised me,” the boy said.

Asked if he could retrace the route to the house where the ordeal took place, Tinashe said he may never remember the directions as he claimed that they took many turns before they reached the house, which he suspected could be somewhere in Greystone Park.
He said he tried to scream, but was silenced at gun-point and ordered to cooperate.

“I was ordered to masturbate as one of the men busied himself behind me,” claimed the boy.

“One of the men, who looked fierce, took a small container in which he ordered me to empty my “seed”.
“It was such a horrible incident which I can’t forget,” Tinashe said.

“When I asked the man what he wanted to do with my sperms, he responded by giving me a slap across my face, sending me sprawling to the other end of the bed,” the boy said.

“The eight men took turns to sodomise me, all of them without protection, the experience was so disgusting and so painful,” said the boy.

Tinashe claimed that he was blindfolded after the incident and dumped near Mukuvisi River, where he had to totter to the city to find help.

He said after making a report, the police did not take him seriously and chased him away.

Reports of sodomy have been on the rise. A Southertorn bartender Zvidzai Rwodzi, was slapped with 15-years in jail for sodomising a 26-six-year old dancer at knife-point after promising him a lucrative dancing contract.

In another horrific case of sodomy, 32-year-old Mark Von Weilligh allegedly sodomised a 10-year-old boy before giving him R4 as payment for the “services”.

Cases of sodomy have become more common in the country, where sodomites prowl the streets, hunting down unsuspecting little boys to pounce on.

In prisons, sodomy has reportedly become common, where sex-starved prisoners have gone on the loose, sodomising fellow inmates.

Childline recorded an increase in children who reported sodomy cases, in which perpetrators were family members.

Sociologist Mildred Zilawe said victims of sodomy were likely to commit the crime on others.

“Sodomised people develop the tendency to repeat the experience on other persons, which makes a vicious cycle of sodomy,” Zilawe said.

University of Zimbabwe Chairman of the Department of Sociology, Watch Ruparanganda has attributed the rise in sodomy cases to modernisation.

“People have always accepted heterosexuality as the norm, but post modernity celebrates divergence,” Ruparanganda said.

He said people were now eager to experiment and deviate from the norm.

“Sodomy is also associated with witchcraft and some traditional leaders prescribe sodomy for ritual purposes,” Ruparanganda said.

Medical specialists interviewed said sodomy caused serious health complications and HIV infection, which spreads quickly through anal sex.

Social commentators said society needs to be educated about the dangers of sodomy to reduce the spread of the vice.

But police spokesperson for Harare James Sabau downplayed the severity of sodomy cases in the country.

“There are isolated cases mostly outside towns, I can’t tell if sodomy cases have gone on the rise as I have to check with our police first,” he said.

“It is very difficult to remember the statistics of sodomy cases because to my understanding, they are very few.”

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