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Play to raise workplace HIV awareness


A play that focuses on Aids awareness at workplaces was recently launched in Harare.
Titled Hanya Nani 3 the play is a collaborative production from Edzai Isu Theatre Arts Project, Vuka Afrika Performing Arts, University of Zimbabwe Theatre Arts Department and Tariro Collaboratie Arts.

It was written and directed by versatile artist and producer, Tafadzwa Muzondo and features a line-up of award-winning stage and screen actresses.

These include, among others, the award-winning James Jingo Mukwindidza who recently won the Best Comedy performance award at the Reps Afdis Awards 2012.

Then there is Everson Ndlovu who has featured in a number of outstanding plays locally and internationally.

The workplace is a strategic focus for Aids awareness and prevention interventions because family breadwinners spend most of their time at workplaces. They are not only socially and economically occupied but also sexually active, said Muzondo.

In the production, Lovejoy is a qualified and experienced electrician who loves to have fun; he does not care about HIV and believes programmes focusing on the virus are boring and irrelevant.

His attitude leads to self-denial as he fails to appreciate his own HIV-positive status.

It leads to his inconsistency at work and lack of concentration resulting in an accident that costs the company.

Kede Banda, another worker, will not associate with known or suspected HIV-positive people but this does not affect a supervisor who lives with the virus and has come out in the open about his status.

Instead of emulating the supervisor, Lovejoy keeps his status to himself until it costs him.

The mission of the play is to promote voluntary counselling and testing at workplaces as a way of coping with the challenge and breaking the stigma and discrimination associated with the virus, said Muzondo.

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