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Machesos traditional rituals


Sungura maestro Alick Macheso believes traditional rituals have a role to play in his career following the introduction of a new traditional dance called tora bute (get the snuff) at his live shows.

Speaking on the sidelines of his show at Extra Mile Leisure Centre on Friday, Macheso said ancestors and God gave him guidance in his work and endeavours.

It is because of God and our ancestors that I am here. I always thank them in my songs. We introduced a new dance called tora bute as a way of honouring our ancestors. We crafted the dance bearing in mind that whenever we go they are with us, said Macheso.

Although he is of Malawian origin where Nyau dance is the most outstanding traditional routine, the sungura guru said his father told him the importance of snuff when it comes to the issue of communicating with the ancestral spirits.

My father used to say whenever you want to go out on a mission you have to first tell the ancestors.
Bute (snuff) was used in traditional spiritual communication systems so we have considered to form a dance along those lines.

I am happy people are responding to it very well though zorai butter (another popular dance) is still at their hearts,

Asked if he takes snuff Macheso just smiled and shook his head.

Machesos choreographer and chanter Jonasi Kasamba said the dance was good, but admitted it will take time to gain popularity because fans were still obsessed with zorai butter.

We have unveiled the tora bute dance, which is equally good, but then people are still using the spread-butter, but as time goes on people will understand, said Kasamba.

Meanwhile, those who thronged Extra Mile Leisure Centre on Friday will have lasting memories of Machesos polished performance.

The musician introduced his prodigal son and lead guitarist Noel Nyazanda who had defected to Sulumani Chimbetu.

Nyazanda left fans asking for more as he proved his mettle as one of the best lead guitarists in the country.

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