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Man gets 20 years for raping mentally ill woman


A 46-year-old man from the Insuza area in Umguza has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping a mentally challenged woman.

Cowboy Ndlovu was convicted by Bulawayo regional magistrate Mark Dzira on Tuesday despite pleading not guilty to rape.

“Man like you who abuse women and children have prompted the formation of organisations which advocate for the castration of men over such circumstances,” said the magistrate in passing sentence.

“If that was allowed, I would agree with them so that you get castrated because you are heartless.
“You slept with a woman who you knew is mentally ill and that is not acceptable.”

The court heard that sometime in March 2010, the complainant, the 36 year-old woman, told her aunt that there was a man who was sneaking into her hut forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him at night.

She told the aunt the man would beat her up and then rape her.

The aunt then advised the woman’s daughter that she should alert her if any man came to her mother’s hut.

Sometime during the same month at around 11pm the aunt was called by the rape victim’s daughter who told her that Ndlovu had entered her mother’s hut.

It is then that the aunt went to the hut and found Ndlovu in the woman’s hut.

The aunt called neighbours, but Ndlovu fled from the scene. A report was made to the police, leading to his arrest.

The woman was taken to hospital where she was examined and it was confirmed she had been raped.

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